Android is a top niche in mobile application development sector, it’s one of the most preferred mobile apps platform as its flexible and affordable rates. Furthermore Android development is ideal for business solutions, creating high-tech and dynamic third party apps for commercial solutions. Another advantage is android supports not just mobile platform but also tablets and many other devices.

Our expertise in Android application development.

We are good to handle below areas:

        1.         Graphics Design.

        2.         Camera Handling.

        3.         Photo and Image handling.

        4.         Sketch ability (Ex: Signature and Drawing in Photos).

        5.         Bluetooth handling.

        6.         Web Services for Data transfer.

        7.         GPS.

        8.         Map handling.

        9.         Audio and Video handling.

       10.         Phone Handling.

       11.         Sending Email and SMS.

       12.         Google service - In - App Billing (Google checkout).

       13.         Google service - GCM Service (Google Cloud Messaging).

       14.         Data Encryption (Generate Barcode, QR code ).

       15.         Data Decryption (Scanning Barcode, QR code).

       16.         Social network integration.

       17.         Tailor-made applications based on your requirements.

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