Course Objective:

          This course provides an introduction to fundamentals of the C language through techniques and principles that you can take for granted in other languages to pointers, structures, unions and dynamic memory allocation and then get a edge over others in advanced C programming like file handling and much more...


What you will learn:

          This C/ C++ training course is designed to give a solid grounding in key aspects of the language . The course covers all of the important features of C/ C++ programming, ensuring an understanding of the principles which underpin the design of effective, high-quality, and delivered software.The course is based on many years experience of teaching C/ C++ courses, extensive industrial programming experience. We focus on the needs of day-to-day users of the language who will have to not only use existing libraries but also to understand the mechanisms used in the implementation of those libraries.In this course, we'll explore the C and C++ languages along with their standard libraries. we will start by showing you the basic syntax of C.C syntax is the basis for C and C++ as well as a number of other derived languages like C#, Java, PHP, and many others.

          We'll cover the C++ standard template library providing powerful data types like vectors, sets, cues, and associative maps. We'll be covering these topics and much more so that you'll have all the resources you need to fully take advantage of this powerful language. C and C++ are among the most powerful and widely used languages today. Now let's get started with C and C++ Essential Training.


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